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Looking for a trendy, bohemian, or new age name for your dog? Ready to take that beautiful and interesting artsy road filled with controversy, abstract notions, and magic? Maybe you’re out to find a title that reflects particular beloved artists, musicians, and poets from the days gone by. We hope you’ll bring your free spirit along with you as you weigh our selections below. We hope you’ll discover the perfect artsy dog name for your perfect pooch! Think of your favorite designers, architects, maestros, and artisans; consider their names, along with famous paintings, sculptures, songs, and films. The ideal moniker is within your reach.

Artsy Dog Names in Pop Culture

Artsy Dog Name Considerations

Art of all kinds gives the world some sparkle and light when things look dim. It encourages us, moves us, makes us feel alive in the moment though most of the time it’s quite still and can’t seemingly do much. The same goes for our pets, which is why you should consider an artsy dog name. Like art, music, literature, and dance, our dogs move us and make us who we are. When we give our hearts over to them, they encourage and inspire us. We hope you find an artsy name that suits your kindred spirit today. Continue to research for the perfect artsy moniker for your beloved canine companion!

If you’re looking for a name to represent art of the past, some striking titles would, of course, be “Monet,” “Leo,” “Vincent,” “Dali,” “Georgia,” and “Mona.” Maybe you’re in the mood for something simply artsy-sounding: “Miles,” “Tristan,” “Jax,” “Zander,” “Arwen,” “Ivy,” “Piper,” or “Kenzie.” Think of your favorite artists in the realms of painting, sculpture, music, literature, dance, film, and stage. One of those beloved names is sure to stick and serve your pet well. Best of luck as you land the pawfect one!

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