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If you have just brought home your furry bundle of puppy love then the odds are good that you are searching for the perfect name. Well, one of the easiest ways to find a name for your new pooch is to think about something that interests you or is close to your heart. If you enjoy the television show Vikings, you are a history buff, you love anything Scandinavian or you are of Norse, Swedish, or Danish descent then you might want to consider a name that represents your passion.

Viking Dog Names in Pop Culture

Viking Dog Name Considerations

The term ‘Vikings’ is an Old Norse term for a pirate raid. The term was used to denote the fierce tribes that hailed from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The reign of the Vikings ran from AD 700 to 1100. During those fierce years, many people from those countries sailed off to far away lands to raid, steal, conquer, trade, and settle.

Vikings were also commonly referred to as Northmen or Norsemen. They were mostly made up of seafaring warriors who are believed to have sailed further than many during the era. They sailed and fought for riches. During their reign, many Vikings settled in Iceland, parts of Northern England, Scotland, France, and Russia.

During the Viking age, canines held high value. Dogs were a common companion of the Vikings. They were brought to Iceland when the Vikings colonized the island. Today, dogs remain that are the direct descendants of the Norseman’s dogs. The Icelandic Sheepdog is considered one of the oldest breeds in the world. The robust, strong dogs boast waterproof coats that protect them from the extreme Norse weather. The Norwegian Elkhound and Buhund are also close relatives and believed to share the bloodline of the first dogs the Vikings brought to the region.

Archaeological excavations have revealed the status of many dogs in the Viking culture. Canine skeletal remains have been found laid to rest beside great Norse ships. Also, in Iceland, small companion dogs also shared the graves of their masters. Such burials depict the status of the four-legged creature in the culture.

If you want to name your dog after the Vikings then you will have a wide array of monikers to choose from that will depict your dog’s impressive characteristics. Whatever name you choose, the chances are good that people will ask you about its origins and why you decided on such a unique handle for you pooch.

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Community Dogs With Viking Names

Odin's name story for Viking Dog Names
Doberman Pinscher
Grass Valley, CA

Liked the name. Good strong name for a big dog.

Frick face veelson's name story for Viking Dog Names
Frick face veelson
Sacramento, CA

Just fits him, he told us one day through a dog whisperer to name him that or else!

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