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For those who speak Hindi or are truly inspired by the beauty of the language as a whole, giving your dog a Hindi name can be a great way to honor them and the lexicon from which they stem. Many words in Hindi refer to cultural concepts that are often so profound that they don’t even translate into English, adding a sense of both mystique and great meaning. And better yet, the vast number of ways in which to describe your dog should provide more than enough options in finding a name that has both a nice sound to it and significant relevance to them as an individual. 

Hindi Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hindi Dog Name Considerations

In the vast world of themed naming, giving your dog a title based on a Hindi word might be one of the easiest. Even though you may not be super familiar with the language (or at all, and just like the sound/meaning of some words for that matter), the translation and research processes are quite straightforward. The best course of action is to first highlight your dog’s strongest or most defining traits, then finding words that appropriately translate their meaning. 

If you happen to know that your adopted dog had a bit of a rough past, then the name Moksha, meaning “liberation”, might be a good choice. If they are particularly maternal with how they treat you, other dogs, or even other animals, then the name Vatsalya, meaning “motherly love” would be perfect. If they tend to stray from home or are always trying to escape, then the name Yayavar, meaning “wanderer” would certainly be suitable. If your dog is reckless and often acts without thinking, then the name Barbas would work well. 

Based on your dog’s looks, quirks, or personality, there are plenty of ways you can take the naming process. Once you’ve compiled a list that truly defines them, you should have a good name in no time. 

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