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With a series of 700 islands and more than 2,000 rocks and cays in the western Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas features some of the most beautiful beaches and the clearest water on the planet. Whether you have vacationed there or are just dreaming of going there someday, you may want to name your dog for this splendid tropical paradise.

The Bahamas - which geographically speaking is an archipelagic state, a term for island countries that consist of an archipelago - gets about 315 days of sunshine each year. Thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the country has a tropical marine climate that is punctuated by miles of gorgeous white-sand beaches that are rimmed by crystal clear blue water.

Bahamas Dog Names in Pop Culture

Bahamas Dog Name Considerations

If you have a pup with an eye patch look (think the Target mascot), you may want to consider a Pirate name for fun. Does your dog look like he has a beard (perhaps an Scottish Terrier or a Schnauzer), what about Blackbeard for a name choice? If your dog is multi-colored, how about Calico Jack?

Consider your dog’s personality when making a name choice. If your dog seems relaxed and eager to please, an island-themed name will reflect that trait. Although they are big, Mastiffs are usually quite calm and laid back. When it comes time for some exercise, you may even think that your Mastiff is operating on island time as she rolls over for some more shut-eye. Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, might be the perfect name for such a dog. What about Cay (a small island of low elevation) as a name for your pint-sized dog?

Since much of the life in the Bahamas centers around its beautiful beaches, you can pay homage to the island country with tropical or beach-related names for your pet. Sandy, Surfer, Reef, Seashell and Paradise are a few that come to mind. Does your dog have clear blue eyes like the crystal-clear water surrounding the Bahamas? Then consider Crystal, Turquoise or Marine as appropriate island-themed names. “Blue” is also a great time-honored dog name.

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Reef's name story for Bahamas Dog Names
Livermore, CA

We found Reef on the beach as a puppy!

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