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Also known as Persia, Iran is officially the Islamic Republic of Iran and is a sovereign state located in Western Asia. More than 81 million individuals call Iran home, making it the 18th most populated country in the world. When it comes to land area, Iran includes 636,372 square miles. Home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Iran has a rich cultural legacy which is reflected by its 22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country is multicultural, including many ethnic and linguistic groups; 61% are Persian, 16% Azeri, 10% are Kurds and 6% Lurs.

Within the large country of Iran there are plenty of opportunities for a unique name for your pup. Take a look and you may find just the right name for your canine companion.

Iran Dog Names In Pop Culture

Iran Dog Name Considerations

While some new dog owners easily come up with a name for their pup, many others find choosing just the right moniker for their pet to be a challenge. If that sounds like you, rest assured that you are not alone. After all, you want to find a name that suits your pup, has some meaning to you and that you don’t think you will get tired of calling for years to come.

One way to find unique name possibilities for your new friend is to take a look at different places, whether in your community, state, country or somewhere else in the world. Consider places that are of interest to you; perhaps you have lived in the place, have visited it or hope to do so one day. Once you have a place in mind, you can make a “virtual visit”, which will help you to discover possible names for your pet.

Take Iran, for example. The country is large, diverse and well-populated, with a significant cultural history. It is likely that you will come across a variety of options for a potential name as you explore the country. With a name from Iran, each time you call the name of your pup, the country will be brought to mind. 

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Community Dogs With Iran Names

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