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American popular culture has always been filled with interesting stuff – from entertainment and politics to conspiracy theories and whatnot. One of the most interesting theories in the country’s pop culture world is that of the “Men in Black”. According to alien and UFO fanatics, these are black suit-donning men who pretend to be agents for the government and threaten witnesses who have seen or witnessed UFOs. While this idea seems ridiculous, it is an extremely well-known notion, so much so that it spawned several works, such as a comic book and television series and, more notably, a film franchise. The Men in Black film series was a hit during the 90s and early 2000s and paved the way for comedy sci-fi movie genres. The cast also became iconic long after the movies first aired, with a lot of pet owners taking name inspirations from the film’s characters. 

Men in Black Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Men in Black Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Settling on a name for your new dog seems like a simple task. But, in reality, it takes a lot of thinking and a whole lot of considerations to make. After all, the name that you will eventually choose will be the one that your dog has to carry for the rest of their lives. A pro tip that experienced owners stand by is choosing a name that is not too long, preferably consisting of only one or two syllables. The rationale behind this is that dogs actually do not remember anything beyond the second syllable of a word. Hence, it makes no sense to call them a long name that they will not remember. If you do decide that you want a long name for your dog, make sure that there is a shortened form which you may use for calling out to your dog.

For Men In Black-inspired names, you can choose your favorite characters and name your dog after them. Another way of choosing a name from the film franchise is to compare the character to your dog’s personality. Is your dog a stubborn pup? You can name him J (or Jay for variation), after Will Smith’s character in the film. If your dog is a male Pug, you can choose to name him after the funny informant Frank the Pug.

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