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The Munsterlander can be found in two different sizes: small and large. They are a versatile hunter and natural retriever. Both varieties are intelligent and outgoing. They can be independent thinkers and without proper exercise and daily interaction can become a problem child and destructive. They are alert and ready to meet new challenges head-on. The Munsterlander is a good family dog as long as they are properly socialized and trained; otherwise, they can be a handful. The large Munsterlander has a harder time adjusting to a life where they are not used for hunting and need to have a job to do to make them content to be home and not in the field. Both varieties should live indoors with their family, they need the constant human companionship and are unhappy being banished to the backyard with little human contact. 

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Munsterlander Dog Name Considerations

A Munsterlander can be a delightful companion, especially if you are an avid hunter. The Small Munsterlander is better suited to life without hunting, whereas the Large Munsterlander might drive you a little crazy if they are not allowed to hunt. They are independent thinkers and love spending time outdoors. Most Munsterlanders are natural swimmers and will love spending time in the water. There are not many Munsterlander breeders within North America making it tricky to find a puppy when you decide this is the breed for you. Once your new Munsterlander puppy joins your family, it will be time to find the right name for them. Give it some time to get to know your new family member before settling on a name; many times they will help you pick the name that fits them best. Being a German breed, a name with a distinctly German influence might be a good place to begin your search. There are many German names that have become Americanized over time and may fit your new Munsterlander perfectly. Names such as Arnold, Albert, Millie, or Ellie are easy to pronounce and are more common in the United States but still have German roots. However, if you are looking for a distinctive German name you may want to go with Fritz, Schnapps, Panzer, Olinda, or Hilda. 

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