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The box office hit, “Twister,” written by Michael Crichton and produced by Steven Spielberg, became a huge sensation after its release in 1996. In fact, it sold almost 54 million tickets in the United States and made over $490 million. This dramatic action-filled weather-related movie starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, along with other wonderful stars and mostly took place in Wakita, Oklahoma, where the main character, Jo and her aunt Meg were from. In the beginning of the movie, you see Jo’s family dog being locked out of the cellar, but Jo saves him at the last minute and Aunt Meg’s dog Mose is also in the film, but he is a hero and helps Jo and Bill find Meg when she is trapped in her home after a tornado.

Twister Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Twister Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you have recently gotten a new canine kid, you know there are many important things you need to do such as choosing a good veterinary professional, getting your poochie’s bed, food, toys, and treats, and you will also need to decide on your fur buddy’s name. You want something that is going to fit your doggo while also being cute and original, so you'll not have to worry about a dozen pups running to you at the dog park when you call their name. Spend a few days or weeks playing with your poochie and getting to know them, and maybe you will notice a habit or quirk that helps you decide on the best moniker.

If you really loved the movie, “Twister,” there are many awesome characters who have terrific names that would be great for your furever friend. For example, the name Dusty, who was one of the storm chasers, would be good for a gray pooch while Rusty, another character in the show, would make a cute name for a red or brown doggo. You can also choose a moniker that is associated with tornados or weather such as Twister, Hurricane, or Tornado for a hyper pooch and Gale, Breezy, or Wendy are super names related to wind. Here are some of our favorites.

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