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While most people will think the Denmark Feist originated in Denmark, they will probably be surprised to learn that they were actually developed in the United States. The Denmark Feist is not an actual breed but rather a group of dogs with similar traits all grouped under the name Treeing Feist. They are also called Denmark Treeing Feist or DenMark Treeing Feist. They are a medium sized dog that was developed to hunt small game such as raccoons and squirrels, although some hunters have had success using them to hunt wild boar and bobcat. Since the Denmark Feist is a hunting dog, they do have a high energy level and high prey drive. They will require a significant amount of daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

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Denmark Feist Dog Name Considerations

The Denmark Feist is a high energy terrier-like hunting dog that requires a significant amount of activity to keep them happy. They are not the right breed for just anyone and while they do make excellent family companions, their prey drive is very high making it difficult to have smaller pets in the household. Since the Denmark Feist is a rare breed, it may take some time to find a puppy to bring home. This will give you plenty of time to research the breed and also to start looking up possible names for your new energetic bundle of joy. Some people may assume the Denmark Feist hails from Denmark, but do not be fooled, this is a bona fide all-American dog that is deserving of an all-American name. Make sure you do not pick a name that is similar to other dogs in your neighborhood or to command words you will be using in their training. The Denmark Feist is a unique dog that deserves a fun, exciting name to match their upbeat personality. Do not settle on a name until you actually meet your new Denmark Feist, their uniqueness will help you decide on which name fits them best. 

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