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So, the first description that comes to your mind when you try to describe yourself and your interests is cinephile, and your friends have been teasing you that you must have grown up inside a Blockbuster video rental shop since you can’t stop comparing the things that happen to you in real life with scenes and characters from movies. If this is the case then you’ll surely name your dog appropriately and make an eternal homage to The Seventh Art. Be it your favorite movie, TV series, or your favorite cinema dog, this is a perfect way to make your new canine friend the most stellar dog in the park.

Movie Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Movie Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Whether you’ve decided to bring in a tiny Maltese or a Rottweiler to your home, there’s that one name that fits almost all breeds, and it owes this to the reputation of the movie it is inspired with. The first time you see your dog run up a huge flight of stairs and imagine him getting ready to rumble, the name search is over, as you can immediately start calling your little fighter Rocky. This name is so iconic and so immersed in the collective unconsciousness that it can easily be appropriate for a large variety of dogs – so long as the dog is determined and energetic as Rocky Balboa.

Another classic dog name popularized by its movie namesake must be Buddy, the Golden Retriever from the Air Bud movie franchise. This super talented, loyal and adorable dog has qualities that all dogs possess to some extent, and that’s probably the reason why it has become so popular. Your best buddy should be named Buddy for a reason. However, this name best fits Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers, but we could easily imagine a Saint Bernard or any such benevolent breed that could honor the name perfectly.

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