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The American-Australian computer-animated movie Happy Feet was released in 2006 followed by the sequel, Happy Feet Two, in 2011. Both of the movies were directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller, best known for his work on the Mad Max franchise that started in the late 1970s. The important ecological and philosophical messages that these films relate to their audiences are embedded in an uplifting musical performance that centers on a colony of musically inclined penguins living in Antartica. The original movie earned several awards, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA, and a Saturn Award for Best Animated Film, and the song Bridge of Light, written for the second movie, was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2011 under the Best Original Score category. 

Happy Feet Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Happy Feet Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When choosing a name for your new canine companion, there are many ways to start your search. Some individuals may choose a name that honors a friend or family member, human or otherwise, while others will pick a name based on their interests and hobbies, like a favorite book or movie. When choosing a name from movies like Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two, there are several ways to go about pinpointing the perfect one for your particular pet. Names can often be based on the dog's physical appearance, giving a large dog a name like Atticus, Seymore or even Orca, while a smaller canine may be more suited to a name like Fairy, after the smallest species of penguin. Some people may choose a name based on their own interests, leading a music fan to choose a name like Heartsong, Chantilly, or Opera, while a those that are interested in all things penguin may select a name like Rockhopper, Adelie, or even Emperor. Some people prefer to choose a name that reflects their pet’s interests and behaviors, such as Boadicea for a dog that is sweet and fearless, or Ramon for one that is funny and outgoing. 

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