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If you’re looking to give your dog a famous astronaut’s name, you’re probably an appreciator of space exploration or at least of those brave enough to be cast off into the nearly-unknown. Either that or your dog is a total space cadet and you want to give them a name suitable to their spacey demeanor. Either way, giving them a famous astronaut’s name is a great way to honor those who have risked their lives for the sake of science and exploration and in turn, a great way to give your dog a name that stands out, and with any luck, also matches their personality. 

Famous Astronaut Dog Names in Pop Culture

Famous Astronaut Dog Name Considerations

Compared to other famous people you can name your dog after, being clever with a famous astronaut’s name is considerably more difficult given the limited number of those who have actually traveled into space, let alone have enough physical or personal presence to give you something to work with. Unlike poets, actors, and comedians, few had exceptionally distinct looks and most of their personalities were publicly defined by short interviews, leaving little to work with unless you feel like doing a considerable amount of research. 

So what’s left? Well, using a name to match your dog in some other facet while also tying it into the astronaut theme may work. For instance, if you dog loves to dig and explore, naming them Digger after Duane “Digger” Carey would be appropriate and allows you to play the name on multiple levels. For the same reasons, giving your water-loving explorer the name Fischer, after Jack Fischer, is just as appropriate. 

But of course there are numerous other ways you can go about it, some as simple as picking your favorite astronaut or the one you remember seeing on TV as a kid. If you can’t find any ties between your dog and one of the astronauts but still love the idea, get creative, name your spacey Blue Heeler, Bluford, after Guion Bluford, name the starry-eyed dog you got on Valentine’s Day, Valentina, or your exploratory stick-fetcher Carpenter. There are no wrong answers and there’s nothing wrong with exploring some new territory in the process. 

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