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There are many reasons you might want to give your dog a green name: maybe it’s your favorite color, maybe you have a Greenland Dog, maybe you’re particularly eco-friendly, maybe your dog is always grass-stained or maybe you’re one of the rare few who has a puppy that was born naturally green (believe it or not, it does happen — see the featured dog section). Whatever the case, there are plenty of great green names that will not only provide them a unique name, but one that could aptly capture some element of their personality as well, allowing their green-meaning name to provide some meaning in itself. 

Dog Names Meaning Green in Pop Culture

Dog Name Meaning Green Considerations

When trying to come up with an appropriate green-meaning name, you’ll first want to consider what the name will best represent, whether that’s their appearance or their personality. To make it easy, make a list of your dog’s most prominent traits so when you look at our list, you’ll have a good starting point. 

You can always base it on their personality. For instance, if your dog loves being in the woods, the names Forest, Hunter, Pine and Juniper would all be apt picks. If they always act like they’re royalty, then the names Emerald, Jade and Peacock would be good choices. If they’re calm and quiet, the names Sage, Fern and Moss would be great fits. For dogs that are particularly feisty, the names Lizard, Alligator and Crocodile would be suitable. For those who are great patio partners, the names Chartreuse and Julep are ideal. 

Considering the number of green shades and tones that are named after plants, naturally-occurring objects like minerals and numerous other objects, there’s really no limit to how you create your ties or to what you attribute meaning, making giving your dog a green-themed name a great way to go for a wide variety of people and dogs. 

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