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For all of us who love the things that go bump in the night, scary movies are probably one of the primary sources of entertainment. Nothing beats that feeling of sitting in the dark room watching a scary flick and getting your fright on with friends and loved ones, wondering if the protagonist of the movie will survive the horrific things that happen to them or would the monsters have the final word. Yes, creepy, scary movies are super cool and even better, you can honor that love by naming your dog after one of the iconic characters from one of these flicks. 

Scary Movie Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Scary Movie Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Finding the perfect name inspired by the vast genre of scary movies is not an easy task. There are so many characters that forever changed the way we look at curtains that flow in the wind, the strange taps behind the closed doors, and the man standing on the corner of the street. However, this also means that the options are pretty much endless! Each decade had its own most notable horror film that can serve as inspiration if you are looking to name your dog something scary. 

First off, you can take inspiration from the king of horror, Stephen King, whose books were turned into many scary movies over the years. One of such films is the Cujo mentioned above, about a rabid Saint Bernard. One of the great name choices is Tad, after Tad Trenton from the same movie. Another one is Louis, after Louis Creed from the iconic movie Pet Sematary. Or, if you want to stay in the lane of vintage films, you can choose the name Halleck, after Billy Halleck from the film Thinner, also made after a book by Stephen King. Finally, why not pick the name of the famous author? The name Stephen is always an excellent choice!

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