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The Barbet is a shaggy-coated French water dog that is intelligent and loves learning new things. Their inquisitive nature and loyal personality make them an ideal family companion. While the Barbet is more commonly found in France and throughout Europe, they are beginning to gain popularity in the United States. Many people will still not know what the Barbet is, but those that do have found a wonderful companion for the entire family. Once you have decided to add a Barbet to your family, you will then have to decide on a fun and unique name for your new friend. 

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Barbet Dog Name Considerations

Being a French breed, the Barbet is a happy, medium-sized dog that loves everyone they meet. This breed is a good choice for a family companion. Because they are not a very popular breed, you will have family and friends asking all kinds of questions about your new puppy. Since your puppy will probably garner a lot of attention because of their shaggy appearance, why not find a name that is suitable to their look, personality and origin? There are plenty of names that have French roots and fun meanings that would be ideal for your new Barbet puppy. Finding a name that the entire family can agree on may be the hardest part. However, if you are planning on trips to the local dog park or walks around your neighborhood, make sure you do not name your new pup something similar to the regular dogs in your area. Names that are the same or similar sounding can cause confusion at the dog park! You want your new family member to have a name that is as unique as they are to avoid any problems later. While Barbets do not have red hair, the name Larue is a cute name for a boy. Although, Armand or Avari may more to your liking since they have a French ring to them but are still easy to pronounce. 

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