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Do you find anything significant about the date September 24, 2007? If you're a die hard Big Bang Theory  fan you might know that is the first date the show was aired on CBS. We met and fell in love with nerdy Sheldon, backwards Leonard, and the rest of the gang.There are many of us who wait all week for Thursday nights and won't make any other plans. We already have plans. We have to watch the Big Bang Theory. If you're a fan, you might want to consider giving your new dog a name inspired by your favorite show.

Big Bang Theory Dog Names in Pop Culture

Big Bang Theory Dog Name Considerations

Giving your dog a Big Bang Theory  inspired name is a great idea but you still need to give the name serious consideration. You'll be saying it over and over again so it needs to be something you and the whole family like, and don't forget the dog. Your pup needs to be able to understand it and if his ears prick or his head tilts when you say it, you're on the right track.

A name is a major decision. Does it fit the pup's personality? Does it suit their looks? Is it easy to say and makes you happy when you say it? If it isn't a unique enough name you may end up with a half a dozen dogs at your feet when you call your dog's name at the dog park. 

Names that are fairly short and crisp usually work best. One or two syllables are often long enough. Of course you can choose to give your dog a longer name but you'll probably prefer a shorter moniker. What ever name you choose, have fun with the selection. Take your time, think about it and then pick the name you and the family like best. It will be a blast, just like the Big Bang Theory.

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Community Dogs With Big Bang Theory Names

Sheldon "bazinga" cooper's name story for The Big Bang Theory Dog Names
Sheldon "bazinga" cooper
Bichon Frise
Minoa, NY

Love the show really wanted to name him Bazinga but at the last minute I changed it to Sheldon Bazinga Cooper

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