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If you are lucky enough to have a brother or a sister, you know just how much they are worth to you and just how happy you are for having them in your life. Our siblings are the family that stays forever, they are always playing for our team, and are supportive of our adventures and life decisions. Yes, mom and dad are amazing people and our greatest support, but our siblings are the ones who remain with us, even when our parents are inevitably gone. Our dogs are also something like a sibling. They are loyal, they care for us, and they will always come through when the times are tough.

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Dog Name Meaning Brother Considerations

If you were touched by Louie’s story, and you do consider your pet to be an equal member of your family, naming them something that means “brother” is a powerful way to show just what they mean to you and how important they are. Maybe your pupper has a brother, and you want to showcase their bond to the world. In that case, you can rely on your good old dictionary and find a word in another language that sounds cool, has a nice ring to it, and most importantly, carry the meaning of the word you want to emphasize. For example, a great option is a Finnish word for brother – Veli, or the word for sister (because our princesses must not be forgotten) – Kimma. These names are even more perfect if your doggo’s breed is one that comes from Finland, such as the Finnish Hound, Karelian Bear Dog, Lapponian Herder, or a Russo-European Laika.

Perhaps you’d like to go more south and use the Spanish counterparts – Hermano and Hermana, or maybe the Italian Fratello and Sorella, for brother and sister respectively. Aka and Uka both mean brother in Tajik, and Irmá means sister in the Galician language, while Dite means the same in Filipino.

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