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If purple is one of your favorite colors, who can argue with the decision to name your dog something that signifies this preference for the most royal of hues? This shade was worn by many members of royal families over the centuries, starting from Roan magistrates, Byzantine rulers, and even Roman Catholic bishops. Not just in Europe though, even the far country of Japan associates the color purple with royalty and aristocratic roots. The famous ticket for the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 was purple, and some of the most beautiful gemstones (Amethyst anyone?) are indeed purple.

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So, your favorite shirt happens to be purple, and your eyes just glisten when you see an Amethyst necklace? Perhaps your walls are purple too and even your car? Well, if that’s the case, time to buy that purple dog leash and start thinking about the perfect name for your new doggo that will also let people know that you just adore the color of royalty! First off, you can start with the name Violet. Especially if you have a lovely little Chihuahua, this name can suit them perfectly as it is elegant and classy, just like they are. You can also choose the name Amethyst as your dog’s new moniker, as that precious gem is not only beautiful but also carries a lot of meanings, so pick your favorite and make that your dog’s backstory!

Or maybe you are inspired by other cultures and languages and would like a unique sounding name that represents your favorite color? In that case, you can pick the name Jambali, which means, you guessed it, purple in the Gujarati language, which is also over 700 years old and spoken in India, US, UK, Pakistan, and Tanzania among others! It is also worth noting that this was the native language of Mahatma Gandhi!

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