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The television drama, “Chicago Med,” is an American medical series made for television by Matt Olmstead and Dick Wolf. It is part of the trio of Chicago shows that include “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD,” which are all on the same channel back-to-back and sometimes crossover. The show started in 2015 and is still going strong as one of the top television series on regular television. There has been no dog on the show until recently when Dr. Will Halstead decides to adopt the dog of a patient who died. This is a cute pooch that seems to be pretty smart since he finds a body buried in the snow; he may be sticking around awhile.

Chicago Med Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Chicago Med Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Ready to name your new canine kid? Well, you should go ahead and spend some time with your fur buddy first before you choose something. It is important to find the right moniker that fits your new poochie because you are going to be using it often for the next decade or so. Whether you have a super huge pupster or a petite pup, picking the perfect title for your new furry family member should be fun. Get down on the floor with your doggo and play with them for a while and see what their personality reveals. And since you are looking for a name that coincides with "Chicago Med," we will stick with that too.

Does your pup act silly? Try the name Corny or Yaya. If your pooch is all business, Ethan means firm in Hebrew and Alex means defender of man in Greek. You could also name your furbaby by their appearance. For example, Maggie means pearl in Old English and would be terrific for a white dog, and if you have a hairy dog, try Cesar, which means hairy in Latin. If you have a brachycephalic pooch, which is a dog with a shortened or squished nose, try the name Courtney, which means short nose in Old French. Here are some of our favorites. 

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Community Dogs With Chicago Med Names

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