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The Shih Tzu literally means "little lion." The Shih Tzu has been the beloved pet of the Chinese Imperial family, and he has also been a beloved pet of an average American. Certainly, while he is a small dog, he does possess the heart of a lion. Some ancient texts mention a "lion-faced" dog, and many experts believe that this is the Shih Tzu (although he was not called such at the time). This tiny tyke is courageous, and he has a lion-sized personality to boot! Some Shih Tzu pet parents give their dogs names that fit their diminutive size while others choose a moniker that fits the personality of the individual dog.

Shih Tzu Dog Names in Pop Culture

Shih Tzu Dog Name Considerations

When considering the personality traits of the Shih Tzu, it is no surprise that many people - from royalty to the Dalai Lama to every day Americans - are loyal fans of the breed. Some owners base the name of their Shih Tzu on individual characteristics such as behavior or coat color and pattern. Many owners choose a name that fits the diva-esque nature of the Shih Tzu. His propensity to make friends with most anyone endears him to everyone he meets. 

At one time, the Shih Tzu was considered so sacred that a person could only own a Shih Tzu if he or she was gifted the dog by the Dalai Lama. Marco Polo referred to the Shih Tzu as a dog who was capable of training lions; however, it is more likely that the Shih Tzu was placed there to calm lions down rather than actually train them. 

Some owners choose monikers for their pup that give a nod to the royal past of the Shih Tzu. Legend has it that the Imperial Shih Tzus had their own palace, and when the Empress T'zu Hsi entered the dog's accommodations, the little dogs would sit on their haunches and wave to her. Names such as Duchess, Princess, Duke, and Prince fit the royal past of the Shih Tzu. Other owners make give the dog a name such as Muffin or Cuddles that demonstrate the dog's companionship and general cuteness. 

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Community Dogs with Shih Tzu Names

Ichigo's name story for Shih Tzu Dog Names
Shih Tzu
Texas City, TX

all my dogs always die,so i hope she stays alive

Wokie's name story for Shih Tzu Dog Names
Shih Tzu
Pleasant Garden, NC

She was named after the ewoks from starwars because that is what they look like.

Cooper's name story for Shih Tzu Dog Names
Shih Tzu
Orlando, FL

Cooper sounds cute and friendly and it fits this dog perfectly

Oreo's name story for Shih Tzu Dog Names
Shih Tzu
Waldorf, MD

She has a black and white face, her body is white and she has no tail and her butt is black. Hence the name Oreo.

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