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Welsh Springer Spaniels are a rare breed. They are a mix of the English Springer Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel and were once popular among hunters. These dogs were not recognized by the American Kennel Club until the year 1906; in 1923 they formed their own club, and their numbers increased. However, in 2016 they were deemed an endangered breed. They are fast and agile when hunting and exercising, but when they have been properly worn out they are total couch potatoes. It's a win-win! You have to give them exercise which means you have to exercise, and only then can you lay around doing nothing. Your doctor would approve.

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Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Name Considerations

Welshies are often referred to as a "velcro" breed. This is because they are just a tinge codependent. They never ever want to be separated from you, but that is a good thing. Welshies are loyal and devoted making them great watchdogs. This is a non aggressive breed, so they are not ideal for guard dogs, however. In order to get your Welsh Springer Spaniel to not be shy about your company, you will have to socialize them often and from an early age. They can get used to visitors and become friendly, caring dogs, and your kids will love running and play with them.

Remember that first and foremost, these dogs were bred for hunting. The innate talent required for this is still found in the companion dog. They are sporty and fast, so names that embrace that aspect of their personality are a big plus. They are also gun dogs; one syllable names are perfect when a quick recall is necessary. As with any dog, you want to keep it short so you don't lose their interest. Other things you may want to consider are their soft temperament and adorable selective obedience. They are curious little creatures that learn quickly, making them the perfect dog to have around. As long as you don't use harsh training tactics, you will have a well-trained Spaniel whose heart you will hold forever. Keep these wonderful traits in mind as your select a moniker based on looks, personality and breed type.

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