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With its long legs, graceful stance and impressive speed, the Greyhound is truly a matchless dog breed. It is usually referred to as the “Ferrari of dogs” due to its capacity to run swiftly. In fact, the Greyhound can reach maximum speeds of around 70 kilometers, or between 40 to 45 miles, per hour. This is because it was originally bred for hunting and chasing foxes, hare and deer, among others. At present, it no longer does any hunting and the only place it runs to is the couch. Their calm and affectionate nature also makes them adaptable to any home, be it in a big country house or a condo building in the city. 

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Greyhound Dog Name Considerations

The Greyhound is a loving dog that deserves an equally lovable and special name. There are many qualities and unique traits found in Greyhounds that may be used to brainstorm for the perfect name. One of the characteristics that define the breed is its uncanny ability to run at a remarkable pace. For some time, these dogs were actually intentionally bred to participate in Greyhound racing events. Hence, a name related to the breed’s notable speed would be a good choice. For instance, you may give your Greyhound the name “Swifty”, in reference to its rapid strides.

Another feature that is immediately noticeable in Greyhounds is its long legs. You can draw inspiration from this by giving it a name that symbolizes its height. A good example of this is “Eiffel”, which is taken after the famous tower in Paris. The Greyhound’s coat colors may also provide you with some name ideas. This dog’s coat comes in various colors and sometimes have specific patterns or markings. For example, if your Greyhound has a black and white coat, you can name it “Domino”.

What’s most important when giving your new pup a name is that it is a name that is well-received by both you and your dog.

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Marvin gray's name story for Greyhound Dog Names
Marvin gray
Leander, TX

I was listening to music on a car ride home from a pet store and my new dog barked to a Marvin Gaye song.

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