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Located on the Pacific coast of the United States, California has 39.5 million residents, making it the most populated state in the country. Overall the state is known to have good weather, access to the beach and the place where movies are made. If you live in the state or feel connected to it in some way, choosing a name inspired by California may be the way to go when naming your new pup. You may enjoy the reminder of the state that you love each time you call your dog’s name, or you may appreciate a memory that the name of your dog evokes. Fortunately, there is no shortage of California inspired names, leaving you with many to choose from.

California Dog Names in Pop Culture

California Dog Name Considerations

As you look to choose the right name for your new pup, a California inspired moniker may be just what you are looking for. For those who live in the state or feel a special connection to it, turning to the place that is important to you to find a name for your special friend makes perfect sense. Each time you call the name of your pooch, you will be reminded of a place that means something to you.

You may choose a California inspired name for your pal because he reminds you of a specific dog (whether real or fictional) from the state. Your new friend may look like Hooch in Turner and Hooch, for example, or exhibit personality traits of Shadow from Homeward Bound-the Incredible Journey. The particular breed of dog that you have welcomed into your life may lead to your considering a California inspired name; perhaps your new Chihuahua brings to mind Chloe of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, reminding you of California. There may be something about the state that is important to you, like its proximity to the ocean, that guides your choice of name.

Regardless of your reason for considering a California-inspired name, there are plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect name for your new pooch.

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Community Dogs with California Names

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