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Science fiction is a genre that produces some of the best films with the most amazing storylines, and the 2011 film Real Steel is a great example of that. Directed by Shawn Levy, this science fiction film is based on the 1956 short story entitled “Steel”, which was written by author Richard Matheson and published in the May edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The short story was also adapted in an episode of Twilight Zone in 1963 before it was adapted into a film. Hugh Jackman plays the lead role of Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who becomes a handler of robot boxers. Real Steel touches on the highs and lows of his career in robot boxing as well as his relationship with his estranged son. 

Real Steel Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Real Steel Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Dog owners often turn to pop culture works for dog name ideas and films are always a sure source of inspiration for cool names for your pooch. There is a vast selection of movies, characters and actors and actresses whose names you can give to your dog. If you fell in love with the film Real Steel, you may want to go for a moniker inspired by the movie.

For Real Steel-inspired dog names, the most straightforward choice would be to choose the name of your favorite characters in the film. For male dogs, you can pick out of the male characters from the film, such as Max, Charlie’s son who discovers a knack for robot boxing. For female dogs, you can take inspiration from some of the lady characters in the movie. A good example is Bailey, who is Charlie’s friend and love interest. You can even pick a cool name based on the fighting robots in the film, such as Atom, Ambush and Zeus.

You can also put more thought into your choice by making a decision based on your dog’s personal traits. For instance, Hugh Jackman’s character, Charlie, likes to show a tough exterior but actually has a loving and affectionate side. If you have a rigid-looking pooch with a heart of gold, then this name seems like a perfect fit. 

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