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Hello, to all of those proud owners of a new cuddly furry family member!  Isn't it wonderful to watch the new pup romp and play with toys, the kids and even their newly discovered shadow?  While we really hate to interrupt your laughter at the antics you're witnessing, we feel we must ask ... what are you calling this new frolicking, four-legged family member?  Are you still referencing the pup as "cutie pie", "baby" or "hey you"?  If this is the case, and if naming the new pup is a task tantamount to climbing Mount Everest, let us assure you that it can be done more easily than you can imagine.  You can choose the perfect moniker for that adorable and cuddly pup and have fun doing so.

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Dog Name Meaning Cuddly Considerations

Some pet parents take the easy way out and pick a really generic name for their new pup.  While names like "Fido" and "Fifi" are fine, names like these may not "fit" the adorable, cuddly lump of furry love that is sleeping peacefully in your lap or snoozing in the sun in front of the patio door.  Like many pet parents, you may wish to pick a name which is unique to your pup.  To accomplish this goal, you may wish to consider things like the breed of the pup,  the gender of the pup, the color or texture of the coat, a particular physical characteristic (like a mask-like coloring around the eyes or little short legs on a long body) or some cute (or not so cute) behavior that you've noticed in your pup.  These ideas may spark some interesting name choices to be sure, and you may find the perfect name quickly. We would like to suggest a different method of name selection.  We refer to a method using a particular personality trait as fuel for your imaginative fire.  May we suggest considering dog names meaning "cuddly", which can include names which mean lovable, snuggly, soft, affectionate, valuable or of great worth?
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