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Don't you just love watching him play?  And, the way he cuddles up so close just melts your heart, right?'s not the hubby or your son to whom I am referring ... but rather, it is that adorable little ball of fur that's curled up in your lap right now.  But, he doesn't have a name yet, does he?  Do you know what you'll finally decide to call him?  I know that you're probably stewing about his name and building up some stress over it and, by all means, don't just give in to  naming him Fido or Rover just to get the job done.  Attack this task as you would any other...with a plan.

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Meaning Colorful Dog Name Considerations

Naming that new puppy can be a frustrating task to be sure but it really doesn't have to be so if you can approach it with a plan. That plan can consist of considering things like his gender, his coat color, his breed or even his cute little habit of standing on your chest, licking your nose to awaken you in the morning.  That plan should also include other members of the family who can help with suggestions to stimulate your imagination...and the kids' imagination as well!  You'd  be surprised how much help they can be in this area, regardless of their ages or genders.  Another suggestion is to have a theme or two to consider, and we are suggesting that you consider dog names that mean colorful.  Keep it fun and keep it simple for everyone, including the new littlest furry family member.  One other thing to remember is this:  when considering his name, be sure to choose one which will not embarrass you or anyone else when it is necessary to call him loudly in public places, for example from across the dog park, down the street or from two blocks away.
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