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What a cute, cuddly little Pekingese pup you have sitting on your lap!  She's so small and adorable ... and did I say "cuddly"?  Your husband brought her home to you for a gift recently, and now, comes the naming part of the process, a task which can be fraught with stress, a path which seems endless!  This task doesn't need to be stressful but, rather, it can be quite fun ... especially if you have a plan ... (drum roll heard here) but wait, Wag! to the rescue!  We're here to help with some ideas which may help start those wild imaginative juices to flow, helping you to come up with just the perfect name for the cute and cuddly canine who's warming your lap.

Pekingese Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pekingese Dog Name Considerations

The task of selecting the perfect name for that precious pooch is an important one, though it can be fraught with stress and seem quite the overwhelming task.  For many people, the stress potential seems to grow daily as they keep calling her "dog", "baby" or "sweetie pie" so they just opt for the standard stereotypical and common dog names to get the job done and move on.  And, of course, there is nothing wrong with that naming tactic ... unless you want your new pooch to have a special and unique name to set her apart from all of the dogs with whom she will eventually be associating at the dog park.  If you're of the latter frame of mind, then let's talk briefly about some options you may have.  Many pet owners will utilize the color or texture of her coat for name clues, while others will consider some special attribute or personality trait she possesses to stir up some "magical", or even regal, names and still others will use the breed of their new pet for imaginative stimulation.  As is the norm for seemingly daunting tasks, if you approach this task with a plan, it will seem less overwhelming, and it is this last option that we are suggesting to you today ... Pekingese dog names.   Now that we've lit the fire of imagination, let's consider some names or variations of names which are very popular for Pekingese dogs.
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Jasper's name story for Pekingese Dog Names
Cleveland, AR
lap dog

Being a newly adopted dog I didnt like the name he had so I searched Google for names,I found four that I liked and hard as it was I narrowed it down to two and finally settled on the name Jasper.

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