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Nickelodeon has been entertaining children for decades. Their shows are always fresh and unique, offering an interesting world for children to enter. The Avatar series is one of those triumphs, and many children grew up watching Aang and Korra struggle to bring peace to a world full of element benders. The Avatar universe is wide and diverse, with several characters to love. Each character is different, and it is impossible not to fall in love with all of them. They also have interesting names, which is what we will be looking at. Why not name your dog after the Avatar? 

Avatar: The Last Airbender Dog Names in Pop Culture

Avatar: The Last Airbender Dog Name Considerations

In the Last Airbender’s story, we are introduced to a world full of impossible features. People are born with the ability to “bend” the elements to their will. We have the traditional earth, fire, water, and air. But in these categories, people got creative. For example, some earth benders could control metal while some fire benders could control lightning from their fingertips. Out of all these feats, the most impressive is the Avatar. The Avatar can bend all the elements to his will and can master all four elements. Usually, he or she would travel far and wide to find tutors.

In the Last Airbender, however, we follow Aang. An Airbender Avatar who disappeared just as the Fire Nation enslaved the entire world. A hundred years later, he returns alongside a diverse team at his side. We meet all sorts of interesting characters in this universe. From the adversity caused by the oppressive Fire Nation, rebels and freedom fighters are everywhere. We learn to love these rebels and all of them are brave, loyal and strong. Besides all that, they all have different personalities. In this naming guide, you will find a bunch of names that suit your dog’s personality. 

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