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The movie Shrek was created by Dreamworks Pictures in 2001. It is about an endearing ogre who goes by the name of Shrek, who must set out on a rather inconvenient quest in order to earn his swamp home back from the annoying Lord Farquuad. It is on this quest that Shrek encounters his soon to be (albeit reluctantly achieved) best friend, Donkey, and the love of his life, Princess Fiona. This hilarious tale was good enough to become an entire franchise, and through the movies we can see Shrek grow a family and go on many different kinds of adventures.

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Shrek Dog Name Considerations

If you are a fan of the big green Ogre, Shrek, and his many colleagues, then you have come to the right place! With characters like the sweet, but slightly annoying Donkey and the feisty, red-headed Fiona, there is a wide variety of names that would work well with any breed of dog. For instance, "Fiona" would fit a Terrier breed wonderfully because they are independent, yet loving and loyal. The bigger breeds, such as a Mastiff or Great Dane, would carry the moniker "Shrek" well due to their large size and sweet personalities, while perhaps a little French Bulldog would rock the name "Gingy" ( for the Gingerbread man). Although it's' difficult to find any dog breed that has a fur type to match a name like "Shrek" (green is hard to come by after all) for those blonde, grey, or white pups there are plenty of names! Just give monikers such as "Cinderella", "Snow White", and "Wolf" a try. You are bound to find something that works well for your dog in this list. Whether it be to capture your favorite movie, or perhaps just reflect your love of all things fantasy, there is no doubt that Shrek is a great place to start.
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