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When you first bring a dog into your life, the sky is the limit on the love that you will receive. Canines are known for their loyal nature and building a fulfilling relationship with your furry buddy should be the first step that you make towards a lifetime of happiness.  At first, your dog will need to become adjusted to your household but will eventually become a valued member of your family. If you want to pick a unique moniker for your new dog, then why not choose a nature-based name that means sky? There are no boundaries to the unusual friendship that you will both share.

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Dog Name Meaning Sky Considerations

The sky is vast and expansive with virtually no boundaries. People often like to compare relationships to the heavens, so picking a name that means 'sky' is a popular choice. Every language in the world has a multitude of words that translate into 'sky,' and each one would make an ideal name for your pooch. However, you can also choose a handle that merely refers to the celestial realm. 

You could decide to name your dog after the Greek god of the sky, Zeus. He is believed to have helped defeat the Titans with the help of his brothers. Upon winning the battle, Zeus is said to have lived atop Mount Olympus where he controlled the weather and yielded a thunderbolt as a mighty weapon. 

Throughout history, the sky has played a crucial role in many world religions. Heaven is often believed to be located 'above' or in the sky, and it is from that region that Gods come to associate with humankind. Such beliefs have spurred a variety of 'sky' related names such as Aether who is the Greek god of the 'upper air' or Latobius who is believed to be the god of the skies by the Celts. In the Hindu religion, Aditi is the goddess of the celestial heavens.  

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