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It doesn’t take a genius to give a dog a name, but it most certainly takes a fair amount of brainpower and patience to come up with something appropriate, especially if you’re also trying to be clever. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you may choose to give your dog a brainiac’s name: maybe they are super intelligent themselves, maybe you appreciate great minds, or maybe you just want to make light of the fact that they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Whatever the case may be, giving them a brainiac’s name will undoubtedly help them stand out, if they’re not already doing so, with or without their brain.

Brainiac Dog Names in Pop Culture

Brainiac Dog Name Considerations

There is certainly a lot to consider when trying to pair your dog up with an appropriate brainiac-themed name, but the best place to start is usually taking a look at your dog’s standout features, such as their looks, quirks, or personality. Once you’ve identified those, you can at least pick a few to form the basis of your ideas from. 

Although many historic brainiacs did not have easily identifiable physical characteristics, some did, at least enough to work with. For example, if your dog has white and particularly wispy hair, like that of a Bichon Frise or Bearded Collie, Einstein would be a great fit. If they have short black hair and a black mustache like that of a Scottish Terrier, maybe Nikola or Tesla would be more suitable. If you have a Beagle that is primarily white, then Mr. Peabody would be perfect. 

Personality and quirks tend to work just as well. For example, if you have a dog that looks like it’s getting electrocuted every time it gets surprised or tends to shake a lot for one reason or another, then Faraday would be a great fit. If they tend to stay perfectly calm and sit and analyze options before making a decision, Spock would be ideal, especially if they also have pointy ears and only a moderate emotional response. If they tend to rule the house and walk around with a lot of authority, then Cleopatra would work well. 

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to rack your brain to come up with several different options to experiment with before sticking with one. That is, unless your inspiration strikes as quickly as a falling apple. 

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