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According to Webster's Dictionary,  the term noble has multiple meanings. First, "noble" can refer to a person who is born into a family related to royalty. Noble can also mean a person with certain personality characteristics that make him or her noble - characteristics such as integrity, honesty, and fairness. With that in mind, what makes a dog noble? Often, it is the way a dog carries him or herself. It can be his or her ability to protect his family pack. It may be leadership qualities that the dog possesses. Moreover, it is generally the silent strength of the dog that makes him appear so regal and begs for a noble name.

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Noble Dog Name Considerations

What type of dog should be given a noble name? Is it a privilege reserved just for large, powerful dogs? Is a noble name to be saved for small dogs such as the Shih Tzu or Japanese Chin (whom we know are dogs that were owned by royal families throughout time)? In actuality, any breed can be given a name that refers to nobility. Of course, owners of dogs such as the Pug, Shih Tzu, or Pomeranian might be tempted to give their pooch a name that reflects their noble heritage. However, larger dogs such as the German Shepherd, Great Dane, and even the massive watchdog Rottweiler can carry a name reminiscent of nobility. 

The Shih Tzu was once so coveted that only the Dalai Lama and his monks owned the breed, and individuals could only own a Shih Tzu if the Dalai Lama gifted one to that person. This is how the Empress of China came to possess a small group of Shih Tzus. Legend has it that the Imperial Shihs were trained to sit back on their haunches and wave to the Empress as she entered the area where the dogs were kept. If this does not depict nobility, what does? 

A Great Dane is a large and rather serious dog. He is quiet and observant of his surroundings. He is agile and moves gracefully. He is also highly loyal and protective of his family. These characteristics make him highly noble as well. Nobility comes in many packages, both large and small. It is truly up to the individual pet parent to determine whether or not his pooch is worthy of a noble name. 

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