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The Black Coonhound is a breed that could be considered "made in the USA." They were developed from the Bloodhound, the Foxhound, and the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound. The breed is a part of the hound group recognized by the American Kennel Club, and the breed is a true hunter at heart. Much like their name reflects, the Black Coonhound is primarily used to hunt small game, such as the raccoon. However, the Black Coonhound has also been known to hunt larger game. The breed is known for their ability to track prey by scent. The breed is a hardy and healthy one, and the Black Coonhound is known for their ability to travel long miles.

Black Coonhound Dog Names in Pop Culture

Black Coonhound Dog Name Considerations

Names that are appropriate for the Black Coonhound should relate to the appearance of the dog as well as the dog's propensity for the hunt. Because the breed is a part of the hound group, names that are fitting of a hound are appropriate for the Black Coonhound. Names such as Ace, Sarge, Moose, and Rambo are very popular male hound names. For a female Black Coonhound, Maggie, Lady, Gracie, and Molly are appropriate names. 

For those who want to give the pup a name that reflects the appearance of the dog, names such as Blackie or Samson (due to the size of the breed) are fitting. 

The Black Coonhound is primarily found in the Southern United States. This might inspire owners to choose a "Southern" name. Names such as Beau, Bobby, Luther, or Bubba might fit a male Black Coonhound. Female names such as Dixie or Susie are also fitting. 

Finally, one should consider that dogs respond better to a one- or two-syllable name, particularly those that are in training. Max, Sam, Lilly, or Belle are great names for dogs that will be training to hunt game of any size. 

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