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The preeminent example of the phrase "cat and mouse chase", the wacky antics of Thomas "Tom" the Cat and Jerry the Mouse have been delighting audiences for more than 4 decades, ever since the duo made their television debut all the way back in their first episode "Puss Gets the Boot," which first aired on February 10th of 1940. Locked in a never ending game of, well, cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry have duked it out on land, sea, air, and even space. Numerous third parties have been caught in the crossfires of the duo's never ending feud, including one particularly famous father and son duo who occupy this article's spotlight section.

Tom and Jerry Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tom and Jerry Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Tom and Jerry have encountered a wide array of characters over the years, some of which they've befriended and many of which they've angered. It's from that vast cast of characters that dog owners may find a suitable name for their pets; Spike and Tyke, the father and son Bulldog duo, are virtually synonymous with Tom and Jerry, as the two have been featured in a number of episodes (perhaps more so than any of the series' other tertiary characters). Bulldog owning fans of Tom and Jerry are in luck, as they call name their dog Spike or Tyke in honor of the series' most famous canine characters. 

Dog owners who aren't currently caring for a Bulldog of their own shouldn't fret just yet, as you can still opt to name your dog after a character who has similar personality traits or physical characteristics to your pet; do you own one of the famous "bearded" dog breeds like a Scottish Terrier or a German Wirehaired Pointer? Consider naming your pet after Jerry's Uncle Pecos or even Bill, after the real life singer Uncle Pecos was based off of. Do you own a dog with an all white coat? Consider naming them "Toodles" after the Tom and Jerry character, Toodles Galore.

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