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When it comes to life, fantasy or otherwise, few things are as exciting as magic, the supernatural call to control things far beyond our wildest imagination. The concept stretches from what some to perceive to be nearly attainable, like that of clairvoyance or telekinesis, to that of the truly fantastical, such as controlling the earth’s four main elements, water, fire, wind, and water. Whatever the case may be, at its heart, magic is mystical and awe-inspiring, and for some, a lifelong fascination that has likely led you here, to a place where we can hopefully help inspire you to find a suitable name for your equally inspiring dog. 

Magical Dog Names in Pop Culture

Magical Dog Name Considerations

Choosing the proper magical name for your dog has as much to do with your taste in magic as it does most anything else. Because practitioners of magic are largely mythical figures (magicians notwithstanding), it won’t be easy to find similarities between your dog and those whose names you may be choosing from, so the best place to start is likely just picking your favorite wizards, mages, and sorceresses from your favorite books, television series, or films. 

You may, however, find at least some similarities, which will help narrow down the decisions or help you tailor your aim. For instance, if you have a Scottish breed, there are numerous famous Scottish “wizards” to choose from, such as William II de Soule or if you want to be clever, Scot, as in Michael Scot, the ancient scholar/priest. If they happen to be a bearded breed, choosing Lo Pan, Gandalf, Dumbledore, Merlin or even Tim would be great choices, given each wizard’s notable beard. 

Sometimes working with quirks can be just as fun. If your pup tends to make things magically disappear, find a favorite wizard or magician with those abilities that has a great name, such as Copperfield or Houdini. 

Whatever you choose, spend a little time making a list of your dog’s strongest traits, then see if any of them translate to your favorite magic-performing character, as this will surely provide a bit more depth, clarity, and fun to your naming process.

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Community Dogs With Magical Names

Odin's name story for Magical Dog Names
American Bully
Las Cruces, NM

Loving you always. Protective, can be mischievous to. Very loyal to me and my family.

Lunar's name story for Magical Dog Names
Pit Bull
Gulf Shores, AL

He kept looking at the moon so I said how about lunar

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