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Hundreds of years after he died, The Bard still manages to entertain modern audiences. We are, of course, talking about William Shakespeare. You know you're good when works that are based on your works become classics. This brilliant movie is a modern classic. It is a staple at slumber parties and you can't skip it when it comes on TV. Every now and then you need to watch it again, just to remind yourself of how good it is. Since we love the movie so much, it only makes sense that we choose one of these names for our dog.

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The story revolves around the two beautiful Stratford sisters and the attempts of the boys at their school to woo them. This might be a gross oversimplification, but it is what the story comes down to. Kat, the oldest sister, is a little jaded and rough around the edges. Bianca, the younger sister, is bright and full of romantic ideas. What follows is a series of hijinks that could only have been thought up by Shakespeare himself. The movie is based on one of his most famous works, "The Taming of the Shrew". By the end of the movie, we see that Kat is not a shrew, but rather a deep and opinionated young woman. 

Both sisters find love in the arms of a decent boy and we can't help but cheer by the time the credits roll. And who could ever forget about Kat's tear-jerking poem? The characters are all entertaining to watch, and we enjoy every minute of the film. That is why all the names on this guide were taken from characters in the movie or the actors that portrayed them. We couldn't ignore the source material either, so we included a few names from the play itself. Read on to pick the perfect tag for your Shakespearean pup!

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