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So you have a new dog and are all set to name your buddy but what name is new, unique or just that little bit different? While there is nothing wrong with names such as Rover, Charlie, Max or Bella (which I personally love) sometimes it is nice to go that extra mile and choose something that is totally unique. At least when you call your dog in a busy pet park, only one will come racing up to you! So how do you choose a name that is special? Well, you could try looking for names in another language. The Spanish language has a romantic sound to it, and I love the way the names just roll off your tongue such as Valencia or Ricardo. Lobo is a cool name meaning wolf, which would suit a dark and mysterious dog. Or Casta for a pure sweet little pooch. So give it a go! Try a Spanish dog name from our specially selected list. Your dog will say Gracias (thank you) for such a well thought, out original name.

Spanish Dog Names in Pop Culture

Spanish Dog Name Considerations

There are many things to consider when choosing a name for your dog. It has to be easy to say, and easy for your dog to understand. Remember they don't speak our language, even though at times you could swear that they do. Keep it simple and keep it clean. No embarrassing or rude names please, remember you have to call that name out in public, or if someone asks what your dog's name is you don't want to hide in shame! It's great to be original and give your dog a Spanish name or one from any other language; just ensure that you understand the meaning of the word. Some names may sound lovely but their meaning may surprise you. So, check it out thoroughly before committing to a foreign language name. And practice saying the name in conjunction with commands that you will use with your dog. If you struggle to get the name out, your dog will struggle to understand your commands as well.
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