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If you've read some of our other articles about comic books, you've probably encountered the phrase "the Dark Age of Comics" a few times. To elaborate, that phrase refers to a period during the 1990s when comic books mostly abandoned the upbeat and hopeful storylines of the past for darker, grittier tales. As a result, we also got darker and grittier versions of most of our favorite heroes - Iron Man relapsed into alcoholism, Wolverine went completely berserk, Barry Allen was still deceased, and Kingdom Come was in print. Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Alex Ross, Kingdom Come is perhaps the magnum opus of the Dark Age of Comics, remaining a very poignant, biting story even to this day.

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Kingdom Come Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Though it may veer into the territory of a deconstruction story, Kingdom Come is ultimately a reconstruction of classic comic book stories and characters, particularly those created by DC Comics. The story is set in a melancholy future in which Superman has retired due to the world's growing acceptance of more violent and extreme heroes who kill almost wantonly. In this future, the Justice League has broken up, Wonder Woman has been exiled from her homeland, and Batman hasn't really interacted with any of his teammates in years. The winds of change begin to blow when a pastor -  Norman McCay - is warned by The Spectre of an impending apocalypse.  As dark as things are at the start, the story ultimately ends on a bright note, lending credence to our opening statement. 

For those who don't know, a deconstruction story is one that tears down the conventions associated with its predecessors. Kingdom Come briefly deconstructs the superhero genre via the heroes that use lethal force like Magog - one might not approve of their methods but villains like The Joker aren't able to walk around the place without a second thought. Kingdom Come also establishes itself as a reconstruction story by rebuilding the ancient conventions associated with superheroes; whereas the heroes of old would simply fight criminals, Kingdom Come argues heavily in favor of rehabilitating them. We don't want to spoil the plot too much, but we will say the story's worth a read for its philosophical merit. As you read it, keep your pen in hand to make note of possible characters that may provide name fodder for your pup. Is your dog a Lois, Alloy, Gog or Athena?

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