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Getting older is definitely not for sissies, as we learn when watching Adam Sandler's 2010 hit movie, Grown Ups. Sandler's usual crew from the old Saturday Night Live days joins him in addition to Salma Hayek and Steve Buscemi. In this Happy Madison production, five friends win their junior high basketball championship game. Their coach, Buzzer, tells them to live life the way that they did in order to win the championship. Unfortunately, Buzzer passes away, prompting the crew to return home for his funeral. While there, the group rekindles their friendships and decide to all move back home so that they will be able to raise their children together.

Grown Ups Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Grown Ups Inspired Dog Name Considerations

A number of pets have a role in the Grown Ups original film and sequel. Eric Lamansoff, a character played by comedian Kevin James, owns a pup named Curly. Curly is a Labradoodle. One of the jokes of the film is that Curly barked so much that the Lamansoff family had him "de-barked." Of course, this is simply a joke. Harlan, the Labradoodle that played Curly has full barking capabilities. 

Of course, while Curly is the focus as far as dogs go, one can consider the parent breeds of the Labradoodle as breeds that are suitable for a Grown Ups-inspired name. The Labrador Retriever is a great family pet. The premise of Grown Ups deals with friends and family; the Labrador Retriever is happiest when surrounded by a loving family (particularly if there are children for the Labrador to play with). The other parent breed of the Labradoodle is the Standard Poodle. The Poodle is a highly intelligent dog breed, and the antics of the Poodle are quite entertaining (the same is true for Sandler and his Saturday Night Live castmates). Other great family dog breeds include the Golden Retriever, who often works as an "actor" due to the breed's aptitude for training. Consider the cast and crew of Grown Ups as well as dog breeds related to the movie when tagging your pup with their perfect name!

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