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The night air is crisp and cool. As Fido heads out into the backyard, his nose begins to twitch. The further outside he gets, he starts to notice a bright glow emanating through the trees. Overcome with an urge to mark this special event, he flings his head back and sings the song of his ancient brothers to a giant orb in the darkness - the moon!

All creatures, and even our planet, have a very close-knit relationship with our largest satellite. Responsible for tides, cycles, and the earth's axis, this giant ball of rock has been a source of mystery and wonder to both human and canine alike. For any that would like to commemorate this awe by naming their pooch in a lunar manner, join us as we jump right in to all things moon.

Moon Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Moon Inspired Dog Name Considerations

So, you've decided to look to the heavens for your new pupper's title - now what? To narrow down your search, there are a few different exercises you can do. First, why not draw inspiration from your woofer's background, be it from bloodlines if you're getting a purebred or breed history if you are adopting a rescue? This is a great way to highlight a language that has specific ties to your doggo, helping you find unique ways to say "moon." 

If you've tried this, but the word doesn't flow, don't worry! There are other ways to come up with a name that is linked with the moon while still paying homage to your barky buddy's individuality. Both science and history can give you ample inspiration providing all of the different titles humans have given our lunar companion down through the centuries.

Scientific names can bring geeky charm, while names from ancient history often sound regal and imposing. Once you have a few favorites, try saying them out loud and in different tones. Naming a pooch is more than just finding a cool name - you have to be comfortable saying that name in every situation (good, or bad). If one of your choices passes the voice test, you may have a winner! 

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Community Dogs with Moon Inspired Names

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