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How many hours have you clocked building and exploring the virtual block-world of your dreams? Minecraft has become an instant favorite video game for many-a-player, attracting both young and old to the console. What started as a humble indie game has grown into a franchise so large that even Microsoft bought into it. 

But are you ready to take the ultimate step in Minecraft fandom? Will you be naming your next fur-baby after the Mojang classic? If you answered a resounding "yes", then join us as we jump into everything Minecraft and give you our favorite pet names inspired by this well-loved game.

Minecraft Dog Names in Pop Culture

Minecraft Dog Name Considerations

Naming your pet pooch is not unlike playing Minecraft, itself. There are no real rules, but there are ways of doing it that are far more enjoyable for everyone involved than others. So, you can be extremely abstract in your gaming reference, hinting only to a select few where your mutt's moniker has come from, or you can be more obvious, allowing most who have some knowledge of the game to get the connection.

When it comes to names sourced from Minecraft, there are many different directions that you can go in. There are a plethora of different creatures - some found in nature, some only in nightmares - that you can choose from. Then, there is the neverending list of materials found in the game. Some are more standard or rustic sounding, while others are beautiful and exotic. Numerous biomes house a variety of natural features and plants, all which you can take inspiration from. 

Really, the great success of the game is what makes it so easy to find excellent dog names from it - it's based on real life! The opportunities really are endless, so take a good look at your pooch and keep reading to see what options we've come up with below. 

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Community Dogs with Minecraft Names

Copper's name story for Minecraft Dog Names
Sandwich, IL

he has brown/ copper color fur

Wendifer's name story for Minecraft Dog Names
Perth, ND

my faaavvv teach

Luna's name story for Minecraft Dog Names
German Shepherd
Shoals, IN
Happy and Protective

We just thought of it

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