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So, you’ve decided to do some globe trotting, or you just got back from a Balkan adventure and you feel that a Serbian name can be quite an interesting choice for your new dog. Good news is, the Serbian language is rich when it comes to name options. Even better news is that the names are quite unique in the Western world, and that they will definitely be a conversation piece in your local dog park. Have fun meeting new friends by telling an interesting story behind your pup’s unique name with a fascinating back story!

Serbian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Serbian Dog Name Considerations

Coming up with a Serbian dog name can be a challenge and an adventure. You can decide to go traditional or modern, popular or rare, short and sweet or long and elegant, vowel-rich or consonant packed. The options are quite extensive, but whatever the outcome is, you can rest assured that your dog will have the most unique name in the dog park. If you are looking for a powerful name for your new pup, you can go with a name such as Mihajlo (pronounces as me-high-low [mɪ'hɑjlɒ]), a name of the Archangel Michael in Serbian. If your dog is of a colorful sort, a name such as Bojan (pronounced as bo-yan [bɒ'jɑn]).

For your special princess, a name like Lenka (a nickname version of Magdalena or Helena) can be perfect! Or you’d rather evoke the royal feeling with the name like Dijana ['dɪjʌnɑ] or if you’d rather go traditional, name your new pup Anika. The beauty of the Serbian language is that the words and names are pronounced exactly the way they are written, unlike many of the languages we are used to. With Serbian, what you see is what you get!

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