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If you’re a fan of vampire fiction, folklore or just the entertaining aftermath that spawned from the cult following that spread worldwide in recent years, it’s hard to do much better than True Blood. Although it didn’t always stay true to the popular book series it’s based on, The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, it’s hard to argue that the series wasn’t full of compelling storylines and interesting characters. Largely because of Harris’ genius, fans all over the earth are now familiar with names that are synonymous with vampirism, and better yet for our purposes, provide a killer roster of iconic titles that are perfect for dog naming.

True Blood Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

True Blood Dog Name Considerations

When attempting to come up with the right True Blood inspired name for your dog, we suggest first assembling a list of your dog’s most prominent traits, whether it’s their looks, quirks or elements of their personality, as this will be the easiest point of reference to work from when comparing them to our list of characters and their respective descriptions.

For instance, if you have a dog that is kind-hearted and open to strangers or tough and self-assured, then the name Sookie would be a great fit. If they are a bit flamboyant in either their looks or overall personality, then the names Lafayette and Reynolds would both be good choices. If they are generally well-mannered or restrained but powerful, then the names Northman and Godric would certainly be suitable. For a dog that is sweet up front but tends to make lots of messes when no one is looking, then the names Eggs, Benedict and Talley would all be perfect fits. 

There are plenty of ways you can go from simply naming them after a favorite character to tying them to minute details tucked away in the backstory, so keep your mind open and when you see an opportunity, bite down on it.

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Community Dogs with True Blood Names

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