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In the world of cartoons, it’s not hard to have a unique background, as many of the creators are just as idiosyncratic as the characters and stories they put on screen, but Underdog is a bit different. Masterminded by some of the best on Madison Avenue in 1959, Underdog started as a means of selling General Mills cereal. Given its 124 episodes and 10-year original run, it’s safe to say the marketing strategy worked. Since then, it’s seen several comic book releases, syndication on other networks and even a film adaptation, all of them forming a complete world of characters with fantastic names perfect for potential dog-namers.

Underdog Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Underdog Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with an appropriate Underdog inspired dog name, we suggest first taking a close look at your dog and making a list of their most defining traits, whether that’s their looks, quirks or overall personality, as it will be the easiest reference point. 

For instance, if your dog is a bit of a trouble maker, then the names Riff or Raff would be perfectly suitable — especially if they are a wolf-like breed. If your dog happens to be your right hand canine or partner in crime (hopefully not actual crime), then the name Mooch would definitely fit (or if they’re a frequent beggar as well). If they are particularly fast, then the names Spinny and Wheels would be suitable. If you have two dogs who not only make trouble together, but also have bad breath, the names Irving and Ralph would be perfect. 

There are plenty of directions you can go from the simplicity of naming them after a favorite character to naming them after a one-liner in a singular episode, leaving you tons of options. Our list is comprehensive but certainly not all-encompassing, so if you need any further inspiration, go rewatch a few favorite episodes or dig around and with any luck, your efforts will yield heroic results. 

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