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If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, (it’s probably you and your dog). Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! If you need a name, because your choices aren’t so good, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Ok, really though, you’re not calling anyone. You’re looking on the Internet, which is probably why you’re here — it’s also why we’re here: to help! As far as cult classic comedies go, there are few held in higher regard than the Ghostbusters series and for good reason (although do you really need any more than Murray, Aykroyd, and Moranis all in one place?). On top of that, there is a considerable wealth of fantastic names that will undoubtedly help your dog stand out but also make you easily identifiable as a fellow Ghostbusters fan. 

Ghostbusters Dog Names in Pop Culture

Ghostbusters Dog Name Considerations

Unless you have a Chinese Crested and want to name it Zuul or a Corgie you want to name Twinkie, chances are you’ll likely be basing your dog’s name more off of their personality than their looks, but that’s OK, because quirks and personality are excellent starting points. 

For instance, if your dog is a troublemaker and tends to slobber a lot, Slimer would be a perfect fit, even more so if they also frequently end up green with grass stains. If they’re a bit destructive or are prone to terrorizing other people or dogs, then Zuul, Vinz, Clortho, and Terror would all make appropriate names. If your dog happens to be a jokester or a womanizer, Venkman would be a great choice. If they’re awkward and skittish, then Louis and Tully would be excellent choices. If they’re supremely evil like Vigo, well, you should probably worry about calling an exorcist before giving them a name. 

Whatever you decide to go with, spend some time re-watching the films (and TV series or reading the comics if you like additional backstory) and see if anything in particular jumps out to you about a character, event, or even a line of dialogue. If you’ve still got nothing, then maybe it IS time to call the Ghostbusters. Or maybe a friend for some ideas.

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Community Dogs with Ghostbusters Names

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