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The King Shepherd is a relatively new breed that was started in the 1990s by breeders in the United States to create a dog like the German Shepherd but a bit larger. What they have developed is a larger dog with a more gentle and affectionate personality for personal protection, therapy, and guarding work. These dogs typically stand about 27 inches tall and weigh about 100 pounds when fully grown. If you are lucky enough to have a King Shepherd, you are probably looking for a pawesome name for them. We are going to help you out a little bit with that. 

King Shepherd Dog Names in Pop Culture

King Shepherd Dog Name Considerations

Finding the furfect name for your King Shepherd puppy should not be too hard because they are so similar to the German Shepherd and these are common dogs. However, it has to be a bigger name than a German Shepherd name because you have a King, which means they need a name fit for royalty like Prince or Princess, or to emphasize their large and stately build like Goliath or Amazon. The King Shepherd is usually dark brown to black and has dark eyes, so you may want to choose a name for a dark dog like Midnight or Licorice. 

This breed is also excellent family dogs with a great fursonality so you could give your King Shepherd a friendly name like Lovey or Buddy. Since your dog is a good protector, you could also choose something along the lines of Angel, Knight, Justice, or Hunter. The name Alessandra actually means protector in Greek and Alexa means defender in the same language. Giving your dog a unique name like this means that you won’t have to worry about having 20 dogs run to you when you call your dog by name at the dog park. And, that is always a good thing. 

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