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Choosing a name for your new dog is a challenging but often enjoyable and rewarding part of pet ownership, and there are many different approaches and motivations that can affect the final outcome. Some new pet parents may choose to pinpoint the perfect name for their new dog by searching for names that start with certain specific letters or sounds, such as names that start with "s" and ""h. This may be done either to match or honor another family member or friend, either canine or human, because the dog naturally responds well to the "sh" sound, or simply because the "sh" sound is comforting or pleasing to the person selecting the name. 

Dog Names that Start with 'Sh' in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Start with 'Sh' Considerations

There are several factors that can be involved with your choice of a name for your canine companion. Picking a name that is easy to pronounce for each family member will help ensure clarity for the dog and choosing a name that the dog naturally responds to may encourage bonding and effective training. Some dogs may prefer the gentler sound of "sh" at the beginning of their name, finding it less startling or more soothing than a name that starts with a hard consonant sound.  Some new pet parents may find further inspiration in their dog’s appearance, choosing a name like Shadow for a dark colored dog, Shylock for a dog with white fur, or Shiner for the dog with a black spot around its eye. Others may consider breed, giving a  dog with an Asian heritage like a Pekingese, Shiba Inu, or Japanese Chin, a higher chance of receiving a name like Sheng, Shin, Shu than an Irish or English breed like an English Bulldog or Irish Water Spaniel, who might be more likely to receive names along the lines of Sheldon, Shelby, Shamus, or Shae. The interests hobbies of the namer may also come into play and people who have an interest in basketball might lean towards the name Shaq while a wine aficionado may be more likely to choose a name like Shiraz. 

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