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That new sweet, innocent little puppy, who is sleeping peacefully in your lap, is totally dependent upon you for so much love and care.  Pet ownership and parenthood carries with it a huge responsibility along with the vast amounts of fun and cuddling that you've likely already experienced.  One of those responsibilities is giving your precious pup a name of which they truly are deserving.  Since names are important to dogs and people, too, we at Wag! take the task of choosing that perfect moniker very seriously and want to help make that task fun, fun and more fun!

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Dog Name Meaning Mighty Considerations

Yes, we know that, when you think about picking that perfect name for your playful pooch, you begin to think about the hundreds of thousands of name possibilities available to you ... and that's just in the English or American language!  Add German, French, Italian, African, Hebrew, Scandinavian (just to name a few) language possibilities and the list grows exponentially!  While it is certainly a daunting and seemingly impossible task, allow us to emphasize that it can be reduced to a more fun and manageable process.  The methods employed by some pet parents include naming clues gleaned from their pet's breed, coat color, coat texture, size (both as a pup as well as matured dog), gender or a particularly endearing trait which has been noticed in their newest furry family member.  Still other pet parents will utilize the alphabet in a variety of ways to trigger name clues to apply to their precious pet.  We want to help and, in that vein, we'd like to suggest another method ... how about using a more formidable and solid trait ... like considering dog names meaning 'mighty'?  While you could consider only names which specifically mean 'mighty', you could stretch to include synonyms of 'mighty', like strong, brave, warrior, protective, bold, ruler or leader.  Did a light just come on?
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