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What if you woke up every morning not remembering what happened the day before, who your loved ones are, or a special person that you met the day before? In Adam Sandler's romantic comedy 50 First Dates Lucy is affected by a special type of amnesia that causes her to forget everything that happens on a daily basis (this is a fictional type of amnesia in which she wakes up every day thinking that it is October 13 of the previous year). Only Henry's love for Lucy can help her to finally remember who she is and that she has a life past October 13.

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50 First Dates Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Although Henry Roth is a veterinarian, he does not specialize in cats and dogs. Rather, Henry specializes in marine animals - sharks, penguins, and walruses are more Henry's clientele. There are animals galore in 50 First Dates, and they add to the humor of the story. Jocko the Walrus provides many laugh lines, while Willie the Penguin joins in the comedy fun. It is also notable that Lucy loses her memory when she hits a cow that has inadvertently made its way on the road. (It should be noted that no animals were harmed during the filming of this movie.)

Now, considering there are no dogs in the film, we have to take some cues from the animals that do appear alongside Sandler and his cast mate, Drew Barrymore. Although there are no dogs that are related to walruses, the walrus does "bark" at his human companions. He also knows how to perform many tricks. So, while the walrus doesn't resemble this breed, the intelligence of the Poodle comes to mind. Next, Lucy has the unfortunate circumstance of hitting a cow. This leads to the idea of cow herding dogs such as the Australian Shepherd, the Blue Heeler, or the Collie. Any of these breeds would be fitting as having a name inspired by 50 First Dates. 

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