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Located in Southern California, Los Angeles has close to four million residents, making it second in population size among United States cities behind New York (and the most populated in California). Known as the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles is Spanish for “the angels” and is considered the cultural, financial and commercial center of Southern California. If you live in the city currently or have in the past, or feel a connection to it, choosing a Los Angeles-inspired name will be an ongoing reminder of a place that is important to you. Fortunately, Los Angeles offers plenty of ideas to choose from when it comes to a name for your new pooch. 

Los Angeles Dog Names in Pop Culture

Los Angeles Dog Name Considerations

Searching for just the right moniker for your new canine pal can be a challenge; choosing a Los Angeles-inspired name will give your search direction and ensure that the name you decide upon has meaning to you. If you live in the city or have before, or feel a particular affinity for the area, choosing a name that brings Los Angeles to mind is logical. On each occasion that you have to call the name of your new friend, you will be reminded of the city you care about.

You may decide on a Los Angeles inspired name for your pooch because he brings to mind a specific dog (whether real or fiction), from the city. This may be due to his looks, personality or breed. Something about the city may be important to you and this can guide your choice of name for your pet. For example, if you are a fan of movies, you may choose to name your dog after a movie that was made in the city.

No matter why you are considering a name inspired by the city of Los Angeles, there are many options from which to choose, meaning you should not have difficulty finding just the right moniker for your pup.

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